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Xuzhou Jun Ding Glass Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in glass bottle packaging design and manufacture of professional manufacturers, is located in the ease of the historic city - Xuzhou, in the international glass industry demand increased gradually, in order to better develop overseas bottles packaging containers business, under the leadership of Mr. Yuan Tingjun investment established Ding Jun Xuzhou glass Co., Ltd., the daily output of around 1.5 million, with 50 cubic melting pot 2, has fully automated production bottle testing equipment, advanced automated ranks machine production line 10, and is equipped with printing, spray color, bronzing, Frosting, lettering, decorating, screen printing, polishing production line, as well as hand-painted glass craft Shenjiagongye, technologically advanced, large-scale, good quality, complete specifications, sale service is good, gradually training and the introduction of professionals which glass technology, trade, technology and other aspects of the network with dozens of senior technicians. The company manufacturing sales of more than 3000 kinds of glass bottles, glassbottle, glassware, food packaging products related to all kinds of food bottles, glass bottles, honey, health bottles, food storage tanks, aromatherapy bottles, glass bottles and a variety of glass containers, glass candlestick, household glassware, glass and other crafts. And equipped mold factory, cap factory, carton plant and mature freight logistics, is a highly comprehensive glass production enterprises, but also the focus of Star Enterprise corporate purchasing bottles, glassware professional producers, traders, service providers the best partners and supporting a variety of glass bottles. 
         The company has many years of experience in production and operations, and marketing staff has many years experience of domestic and foreign orders, so our customers relate to the world, to South Korea in 2002 Dunlop company bottles designated purchasing companies, products exported to South Korea, the United States, Britain, Canada, more than 30 countries and regions in Germany, Malaysia, Spain, Greece, Australia, Singapore, Mauritius, Myanmar, Russia, the spirit of "customer first, quality first, service first" philosophy for the purpose; company has a number of high courage to forge ahead quality marketing team, to the best quality service, flexible and effective business model; old and new customers willing to do the most professional and reliable supply of service providers! Is a manufacturer and export rights and trade cooperation is a professional glass manufacturers export more than 80% of the company in strict accordance with the ISO9002 quality management system to manage products through SGS- U.S. FDA certification, IS09001:.!! 2000, this region to lead by ISO, CE, QS and the European Union LFGB certification, and in strict accordance with the National Ministry of Light Industry and corporate standards, quality assurance! Market-oriented, a sales, service, information feedback one sales pattern, high-quality products to win the domestic and foreign customers and recognition. 
         The company aims: to customer satisfaction, and create more value for customers, providing quality products and services; commitment to customers' fast delivery time, excellent quality, payment security "; 
         The company's pursuit: the pursuit of the strongest international competition, the pursuit of the best quality of products, the pursuit of the best sales service, customer satisfaction is always our goal! 
         Since its inception, has always insisted on "a people-oriented, pragmatic, scientific development, excellence, customer first" philosophy, attention to talent introduction and training, the gentleman kept their promises, integrity and customer service, welcomed the new and old customers to negotiate business!
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